Outsole Technology On The Nike Air Jordan 1s

Nike Air Jordan 1s are one of the most popular styles of sneakers in the world. The Air Jordan sneakers first became popular in the late 1980s, when the title sponsor, Nike, took the basketball shoe market by storm. Nike was a pioneer in bringing high-performance, low-cost sports shoes to the public, which is what they continue to do today.

Air Jordan sneakers

The Air Jordan Sneakers began with the black and red “EQ” style that all of their models have come to be known for. Throughout the years, the Air Jordan Sneakers has been subject to a large number of classic and extremely unique designs. No other basketball shoe has seen such a wide variety of design choices, which makes the Air Jordan Sneakers one of the most popular styles in the history of the game. The original” EQ” model was the first model to receive the classic “All-Star” logo that is synonymous with the Air Jordan Sneakers. The classic “All-Star” logo has been a source of inspiration for many different types of sneaker designs.

As the “All Star” was released, more classic colorways were introduced such as the “All-White” release, along with the more popular “Reinvented” releases. All of these designs represented a departure from the traditional styles that had been used in previous Air Jordan sneakers. The Air Jordan Sneakers was not only released for a limited time but also featured some of the best retro designs that were ever created. Here are some of the most popular retro Air Jordan sneakers:

When the Air Jordan Brand was first released, the world was introduced to one of the most popular and iconic athletes in history. Michael Jordan became the focal point of all things Nike when he was introduced as an All-Star guard for the Chicago Bulls. He was also a huge star in the NBA during his entire career. After his retirement, his name was brought back into the forefront when he was put into the starring role in the very successful movie “interrupted” which was based on the fact that he had joined the Nike basketball shoes brand as a professional athlete.

With Michael Jordan now back in the spotlight, it was only a matter of time until another line of Air Jordan sneakers was released. That time did not come until three years later when the popular “Truders” series was released. The sneaker in question featured a much larger swatch of color than the Air Jordan Sneakers that was released prior to it. The “Truders” line was extremely well received by fans and critics alike.

A few years later, another high-charting sneaker was introduced to the sneaker community. This time, it was called the Air Jordan XIV. The official release of this particular sneaker occurred at the Paris Air Show. One of the most notable things about the Air Jordan sneakers that were being presented at this time were the large swaths of carbon fiber that were being used to create the outsole. Carbon fiber has proven to be one of the strongest materials that is available for sneaker designs and has been used for quite some time.