How To Generate Personal Injury Leads

When it comes to how to generate personal injury leads, lead generation companies will tell you that you have to spend hours of talking on the phone. They will also tell you that the more you say the more chance they have of landing a potentially strong prospect. While this may be true to some extent, there are other ways of generating leads that don’t require hours of talking or phone calls. Here are 3 of these methods.

how to generate personal injury leads

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular method of generating leads. You can easily make short video clips of yourself and then upload them to YouTube, Facebook and other social sites. If you make them interesting enough people will want to view them. Of course you should aim to produce quality videos in order to ensure you get good leads.

Another method is through word of mouth. Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who could provide you with a great lead. Chances are they will know someone else who has recently had an accident and would be willing to talk with you. This leads to the third method, which is joining local groups in your area. Look on Facebook or online classifieds to find such groups where accidents happen regularly.

You might also want to join an injury network. They can help you send out brochures and fliers with your contact information on. Some of these networks operate as a subscription based, while others are pay-per-lead. This type of network can often lead to much stronger leads than the free methods but is not recommended for new marketers. The reason is that you need to pay a fee to join the leads that you generate.

Lastly, try a combination of all three of these methods. Find the three best potential sources for your personal injury leads and offer to promote them for them. If you have strong sales skills, you should be able to do well. People will not buy insurance if they do not have a need for it. Once you get some good quality leads then you can test different methods to see which ones bring you the best results.

Generating your own personal injury leads can be one of the most difficult tasks you ever face in your marketing career. It takes time and effort to develop relationships and a network of people who may be interested in your products. But if you do your job right, you can be very successful. One of the keys to generating great personal injury leads is finding out what really works for others. Once you’ve learned this, you should be able to generate leads with minimal effort.