Cigar Items & Accessories

Cigar Items & Accessories

The cigar lifestyle has seen a huge resurgence in recent years and with it, a host of new and innovative accessories. The best cigar accessories add to the enjoyment of a premium cigar while also showcasing a smoker’s personal style. While the cigar industry has seen a steady diet of cheap, easily-breakable cutters and lighters as well as poorly made humidors for decades it’s been refreshing to see an influx of quality and surprising cigar accessories hit the market in recent years. The  Cigar Items & Accessories in this category are not only practical, they’re a pleasure to use and a joy to behold.

No matter what type of cigar a person enjoys there’s no doubt that they’ll require some kind of accessory to help them smoke their cigar. A good cigar cutter is a must and while many people opt for an electric or battery-powered model there are a number of manual models as well to consider. A good cigar lighter is another indispensable accessory and while many people choose a torch jet lighter, those who prefer a more subtle, cool-lighting option can find a lot to love about a soft flame lighter.

A high-quality ashtray is also a cigar essential and while there are plenty of hand-painted porcelain styles to choose from, solid black concrete ashtrays from Storck Designs have a different vibe and offer a more minimalist aesthetic that’s equally as stylish. These trays are perfect for office or man cave decor while serving as a great place to rest the end of a cigar.

For those who like to take their cigar smoking on the go, a travel humidor or cigar case is a necessary accessory. These small cases are typically made from leather and can fit two or three cigars and will protect the sticks from abrasion, damage and heat while keeping them safe in a bag or briefcase.

Any cigar enthusiast will build up their collection of accessories and when this happens they’ll want a place to store them all. An accessories case keeps all of the smaller items such as a cigar punch, cutters, and lighters all in one place and is often finished in furniture-quality wood so they can be displayed on the desk or mantle.

Cigar accessories are an easy sell for your store as they’re not only practical, but can be used to upsell customers as well. A simple but effective way to do this is through the tried-and-true method of add-on sales. Whether through countertop displays or a verbal recommendation, showing your customer how easy it is to add Boveda Humidipaks to their purchase can turn that 2 or 3-cigar sale into a 15 or 20-cigar haul. Offering a complete range of branded accessories is another surefire way to increase accessory sales as they can be a source of pride and loyalty for your brand. Branded accessories from respected manufacturers such as Xikar and Colibri can offer the look of exclusivity that’s so attractive to cigar enthusiasts.