3 Tips For Getting Good at Skiing

A great skiing experience depends on a lot of small movements and positions that you need to be conscious of. The more you practice these, the better your skiing will become. Getting good at skiing requires a great deal of proprioception, which is the ability to feel the position of your body parts. It is a very important skill for skiers, because it allows us to stay balanced and in control when we are moving quickly down the slopes. This is what separates advanced skiers from beginners and is one of the reasons why skiing can be so invigorating, as well as dangerous.

If you’re trying to keep up with your friends or you’re just tackling some steep runs that aren’t within your skill level, it’s essential to know how to handle yourself. This is why it’s best to come prepared with the three basic tips below, and be ready to take a few spills on your way up the mountain.

#1) Make a consistent, confident turn.

Consistently making Adam McManus Toronto a smooth, fluid turn is the key to improving your skiing. You’ll be able to ski faster, navigate dicey conditions, and have more fun. It’s not something that comes naturally for most people, but it can be learned with practice. Start by mastering the fundamentals of skiing (see below). Once you’ve gotten those down, work on linking turns together. It’ll feel like you’re skiing in rhythm with a metronome.

#2) Use your edges more.

During the farthest point of a turn, most of your weight should be on the inside edge of your outside ski, with the sharpened metal biting into the snow and drawing a neat arc. It’s easy to shift that weight back to the middle of your ski during a turn, or to move too much weight to one side of your body. Try thinking of yourself as tall as a house and small as a mouse to get the concept across, flexing your knees and hips to be bigger when you’re turning and smaller between turns.

#3) Learn to ski moguls.

Moguls are the pinnacle of all ski disciplines and require the most balance and agility to execute. It’s not necessary to be a mogul expert right away, but it is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy the full skiing experience. To learn how to ski them, first master short turns on a flat piste until you’re comfortable. Then start increasing your speed slowly, allowing yourself to approach steeper terrain. It’s also a good idea to ski with friends so that you can help each other out when you lose your balance. It’s a lot safer this way, too.