Car Rental – What You Need to Know

Whether you need a car for a trip, your own vehicle is in the shop or you just want to try out a new type of transportation, it can be worth your while to rent one. Just make sure to do your research before you head over to the rental car counter, because prices can vary widely depending on duration, date, discounts, loyalty programs and location.

A car rental is an arrangement to rent a vehicle for days, weeks or months. Rental cars are available at airports, train stations, bus stops and other locations where travelers are likely to need a vehicle. Companies typically require a credit card and may check customers’ driving records before renting a vehicle.

The best car rental companies offer competitive rates, great customer service and a wide selection of vehicles. Some of the top picks include Enterprise, Alamo and National. Enterprise gets top marks for overall satisfaction in J.D. Power’s annual survey, which is based on actual experiences surveyed by consumers. In addition to competitive rates, Enterprise offers a variety of perks for frequent renters like skip-the-counter pickup and return, e-return options and other extras at no additional cost.

Alamo is another company that earns high marks from consumers for being a long-standing pillar of the industry. Founded in 1974, it has earned a reputation for ultra-competitive rates and above-and-beyond customer service. Additionally, it often offers lower second driver rates than other companies do, which is an added bonus.

National is another well-established rental Car Rental in Marrakesh agency that earns high marks from consumers for being consistent in its excellent customer service and above-average rates. The brand is also known for offering a diverse fleet of vehicles that includes everything from compact cars to trucks and cargo vans.

Aside from reputable car rental agencies, there are other types of transportation that can be just as useful for getting around town or traveling. These alternatives include ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, which pair you with a private driver for short periods of time, or Turo, which is sort of the Airbnb for cars. These services can be convenient for travelers, as they usually have their own dedicated app where you can book a car and set up a pickup location.

Having the right transportation can help you navigate your way around a city with an amazingly efficient public transportation system, which is something that we wish more places in America were blessed with. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy list of the best cities to visit when you don’t have a car and are looking to explore.