Benefits of Having Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Last week I read an article on plastic surgeons in Los Angeles that explained how some cosmetic procedures used “ultrasonic technology.” This fascinated me because even though I am not a plastic surgeon, I had never heard of this before. So, let me ask you, what is ultrasonic?

“What is ultrasonic? WTF is that?” wrote a friend who always manages to get herself into a plastic surgeon’s hole. After doing some online research, found that it is not really magic that transformed the nasal profile of the patient (surprising, know). Rather, this new surgical technique known as a piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty technique makes use of a high-frequency sound waves to manipulate the skin around the nose.

As we know, there are two layers of skin and they are the epidermis or outer layer and the dermis or second layer. When our bodies experience trauma, such as a broken nose, cartilage gets damaged, or the soft tissues or bones fail to heal properly, which leads to the appearance of lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin. By using high-frequency sound waves, the doctors can precisely target these areas and correct the problems.

One reason why the new procedure is gaining popularity is because it is minimally invasive. Instead of making incisions and healing the broken skin, the piezotome uses an instrument which is shaped like a disk. This tool emits a series of high-frequency sound waves which are similar to those used by a hair dryer or an ultrasound. In fact, many patients claim that the recovery time is much shorter when they go through this method compared to other options. This is probably due to the low frequency and precision of the waves, which are precise enough not to damage any cartilage, bones, or soft tissues.

In addition, the fact that the ultrasonic rhinoplasty is so precise means that the final result can be completely realistic. Although it may not resemble the real thing, the irregularities which are created by the incisions are completely natural, so the patient does not feel artificial after the operation. Most importantly, the cosmetic surgeon who performs this procedure has years of training, which means that the final result will be a truly natural one.

Patients who have undergone this type of cosmetic surgery have found that they have increased self-confidence and the ability to focus better. They also say that their noses look much more natural and are not asymmetrical. The recovery period for this operation is usually quite short and straightforward, as it only requires some rest after the operation and a little down time. In fact, most patients are able to return to work the day after their recovery. With all of these benefits and with such a tiny recovery period, ultrasonic rhinoplasty is quickly becoming one of the top choices for those seeking to improve their appearance.