Naturalization Attorneys Can Help Individuals Navigate the Difficulties of Naturalization

Each year, many lawful permanent residents choose to formalize their relationship with the United States through the process of naturalization. Those who do so can gain access to the same benefits as those born in the country, including the right to vote and obtain a passport. The assistance of an experienced naturalization attorney can help guide an individual through the complexities of this process.

The requirements for becoming a citizen vary by state. However, the standard requirements for all applicants include: a minimum period of residence, an intention to live permanently in the United States, a basic knowledge of English, a good understanding of American history and government, and a renunciation of any other nationality or hereditary titles (if applicable). In order to complete the naturalization attorneys process, the individual must also pass a test on both his or her ability to speak and write in English as well as an exam on civics, which includes questions about U.S. government and history.

A naturalization attorney can help an individual navigate the complexities of this process and ensure that all necessary documents are submitted. The attorney can also prepare the individual for his or her interview with a USCIS officer and assist in obtaining test exemptions if needed. Additionally, a lawyer can advocate for the client during the interview to ensure that the officer stays within the scope of appropriate questions and to help keep the individual calm throughout the process.

Some naturalization cases are more complex than others, especially when an individual has a criminal record or if there is a question as to how the permanent resident status was obtained. The assistance of a Manhattan naturalization attorney can help to ensure that all of the relevant information is provided and that there is no risk of denial or removal proceedings.

While the United States has never discriminated on the basis of race or ethnicity, there is always the risk of an allegation that fraud was involved in the granting of a green card and therefore in the subsequently gained citizenship. A person who has been convicted of a felony or multiple misdemeanors, or who has a pending or past DUI conviction, could face significant problems if he or she applies for naturalization.

It is vital for individuals with complicated immigration histories to consult with a New York City naturalization attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can examine an individual’s record and determine the best course of action. If a naturalization application is denied, there may be a chance that the denial could be reversed by appealing the decision. An attorney would be able to explain all of the legal options available in that situation. For more information, contact an experienced Manhattan naturalization attorney at the Law Office Of Patricia M. Machado, P.C. today. You can also schedule a consultation online. 2019 Law Office Of Patricia M. Machado, All Rights Reserved. No reproduction of any materials on this site is permitted without permission from the firm.