How Lip Fillers Can Enhance Your Lips

Lip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today. They are fast, safe and effective at boosting your natural lips. Unlike traditional lip implants, dermal fillers offer a more gradual look that doesn’t require invasive surgery.

There are many different types of lip fillers and they can be used for a variety of reasons. Most are made of hyaluronic acid, a sugar that occurs naturally in your body.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected just below the skin and work by adding volume to lips and defining the vermilion border (the line that separates your pink lip from surrounding skin). They can also be used to add a hint of color or to soften the appearance of fine lines around the mouth.

Juvederm Volbella – This is one of the most common lip augmentation fillers on the market, and it is designed to enhance lips while creating a natural-looking “cupid’s bow”. It has a gel-like consistency that gently contours your lip for beautiful results without looking overdone.

Restylane Kysse – This is another filler that has been specially designed to plump your lips and treat fine lines around the mouth. It is often used to create a “Russian doll” effect, and it can be used as part of a combined treatment with laser injections and Botox for lip lines.

Belotero Balance – This is one of the best lip fillers for restoring the shape of your lips and defining the Cupid’s bow, as it has a lower density than most other dermal fillers. It is typically injected along the vermilion border of your lips for a more natural-looking result, and it can last up to 6-12 months with each treatment.

The procedure itself is usually quick and painless, but your doctor may prescribe a mild numbing cream to ease any discomfort during the process. Your doctor will inject the lip filler into your lips, and once it’s in place, they may gently massage it to ensure that it settles correctly.

After the treatment, you may notice a slight swelling or bruising that will decrease over the next few days. Your lips will be sensitive and you may want to avoid wearing makeup or rubbing them until they heal.

You can expect a noticeable improvement in your lips after the Lip fillers treatment, but it will take up to two weeks for your lips to completely heal and for the results to fully take hold. You will need to schedule regular maintenance appointments to keep your lips looking their best.

During the initial treatment, your doctor will apply a numbing agent to your lips and will inject the filler into the lips. This is generally a painless procedure and it takes less than an hour to complete.

Most hyaluronic acid fillers are also accompanied by a small amount of lidocaine to minimize any pain and swelling that you might experience during the injection. After the treatment is complete, your doctor will likely ice your lips to further reduce swelling and discomfort.