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Designed specifically for fresh meat grind applications, the Dominator is a premium machine with best-in-class productivity. Featuring self-aligning components that minimize rollback and unnecessary work to the raw material, this medium-sized grinder offers consistent particle definition, exceptional texture and premium end product quality.

In 1949, Norton Motorcycles introduced a new vertical twin, the Dominator Model 7. It was a bold move by Norton to enter the crowded vertical twin market & steal sales from the trend-setting Triumph Speed Twin. The Dominator used a non-unit (separate engine, primary & gearbox) engine with conventional geometry, but it was still a very powerful & capable machine that dominated racing both on the street & on the track.

The Dominator’s image was boosted by a string¬†Dominator Industries of Isle of Man TT wins. The US market, which was a major part of their sales, demanded more & more power from the Dominator. To keep up with the competition, Norton kept bumping the Dominator’s engine size & changing its compression ratio.

By 1956, the Dominator was getting a bit long in the tooth. The 500cc progenitor was replaced with the 596cc Dominator 99, a more modern swing arm frame & longer Roadholder telescopic forks. It was also believed at that time that the Featherbed frame was unsuitable for sidecar use & so this new frame, known as the Dominator 77, was created to bridge the gap between the old brazed-lug ES2 frame & the upcoming Featherbed Model 99. The 77 was dropped by 1958.