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Challenger Motor Freight is a leader in the supply chain industry. They offer transportation, logistics and warehousing services in Canada and the United States. The company specializes in truckload, temperature control and oversized projects. They also provide real time reporting and advanced security measures. They are committed to supporting the community through various initiatives such as their partnership with Daily Bread Food Bank.

The company has an extensive challenger motor freight trucking fleet that includes new and late model trucks. It has a strong focus on safety and security, which contributes to its excellent reputation. Their training academy is designed to prepare drivers for today’s challenging and dynamic driving environment. Trainees receive a thorough introduction to the latest trucking equipment, efficient fuel management systems and electronic logging systems. They are also trained on soft skills like communication and problem-solving.

Earlier this year, the company was named one of the Best Fleets to Drive For by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA). This is a prestigious honor that only the most driver-friendly carriers earn each year. The award is based on an annual survey and contest that evaluates for-hire fleets with 10 or more trucks in the TCA membership, including members and non-members.

This year, Challenger was recognized for their range of professional development programs that span from driver apprenticeship through leadership training. They were also honored for their commitment to diversity, community and military support, along with efforts to improve the image of trucking. The company was also praised for their new entrant program, which helps young people get started in the industry. Garner Trucking, which was also a top contender, was also recognized for its extensive effort to improve the trucking image and its efforts to support the military.

In an effort to keep its trucks on the road, the company has invested in new technology. They recently partnered with NexTech to integrate augmented reality into their training program. This allows trainees to learn more about their trucks without leaving the classroom. This technology will help them become more confident on the road and increase their chances of success.

The company is focusing on recruiting more women and other equity-deserving groups for its driving positions. As more women and other underrepresented groups enter the industry, they could help reduce the trucking industry’s shortage of qualified drivers. This is particularly important considering the high cost of living in Canada, which could make it more difficult for truckers to afford to live on the road.

The company is also working to address a growing issue of sleep-disordered breathing in its trucking workforce. The company is partnering with Resonea to provide education and voluntary sleep apnea screening to its drivers. The company plans to roll out the initiative with its partner’s DROWZLE app, which offers a comprehensive program of sleep education, screening/testing and treatment, compliance monitoring and monitoring, and safety record tracking.