Taking a Self-Defense Class in Windsor

The son of a National Judo Champion, Jose Montes has martial arts in his blood. He grew up training and coached for the sport, then went on to become a world-class competitor himself. Now, he helps others develop a strong mind and body at his New Windsor martial arts studio. “Martial arts is not just about fighting, it’s about a life style,” he says.

At NOVA Self Defense, students learn a highly practical approach to the art of self-defense. The school’s SPEAR (Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response) system combines law enforcement tactics, close quarter combat techniques, martial arts and the psychology of criminal intent. The system is taught over a 10-week academy and includes a heavy emphasis on scenario training.

Martial arts classes at Tiger Schulmann’s self-defense class in Windsor New Windsor help members of all ages build community, confidence and full-body fitness through the discipline. The curriculum-based karate classes help children learn to respect themselves and focus their attention in a safe, structured environment.

Instructor Albert Mady of Karate Rocks Family Martial Arts has seen an increase in women wanting to take female self-defense classes. Chantelle Boismier, who teaches the women-only sessions, hopes they will heighten females’ awareness of their surroundings so they can avoid dangerous situations. She also aims to give women the courage and confidence to step out of their comfort zone. “I know a lot of people, especially women, have been told — ‘You’re not strong enough, you won’t ever be able to defend yourself, you’re not fast enough, you’re too small,'” she says.