Buying Ocean Side Real Estate

The size and looks of a piece of property are important, but they’re not the only factors that determine its monetary value. The exact location of a property has the most impact on what you’ll have to pay for it, whether you’re buying a single-family vacation home in the mountains with ocean views or a small condo vacation property at a resort.

A beachfront label typically carries a higher price tag than non-beachfront real estate, but it’s important to remember that not all beachfront properties offer the same sightseeing opportunities. Some beachfront real estate has a lot of space buffering it from the beach, while others are positioned right on the edge of the beach or are completely bordered by water. If you’re interested in a beachfront property, ask the listing agent whether there is plenty of water in the distance or if you’ll be able to see it from your bedroom window.

As a beachfront property owner, you’ll need to be familiar with the unique intricacies associated with coastal living, including zoning, determination of property Buying ocean side real estate boundaries, Certificate of Elevation, tsunami evacuation and insurance. If you’re looking to purchase a beachfront home, contact our team of specialists – we cover every coastal micro-market in Hawaii, from Wailea to Hawi and everywhere in between.

As with any type of investment, market timing is crucial. If you invest in a beach house at a time when prices are rising, your return on investment will be much greater than if you purchased it during a period of declining prices.