Benefits of Fat Gripz

Whether you’re training for bodybuilding or endurance, fat grips can offer a little extra stimulus to help you bust through your training plateaus. They can also provide a great way to change up your routine without adding a new exercise into the mix.

Benefits of Fat Gripz

One of the biggest benefits of fat grips is that they can make a standard-sized barbell or dumbbell more challenging to use. This increases the amount of work your hands and forearm muscles have to do to lift the weight, which in turn means they will be more active.

This can result in improved strength and muscle growth in your hand, wrist and forearm muscles. In addition, it can increase your grip power by as much as 30%!

The best way to reap the benefits of fat grips is to implement them as part of your overall weight-training program. This can be done by using them on some of your deadlift or squat sets or doing fat-grip variations of these exercises.

You can also incorporate fat grips into some of your lat pulldown sets as well. This will help take your core strength to the next level by forcing you to keep your body upright as you perform the movement.

Another benefit of fat grips is that they can help you improve your grip strength on certain movements, such as chin-ups and dips. This is because it’s a common problem for these movements to place too much stress on your elbows and can lead to painful injuries.

It’s a good idea to limit fat grip training on these exercises to 3-4 sets per week to avoid injury and allow your joints to rest between sessions. Additionally, you should always recruit a spotter to ensure that your bar doesn’t fall out of your hands when you’re doing the movement.

If you’re not sure if you should use fat grips on your workouts, it’s important to check with your personal trainer or coach before beginning any new training method. They will be able to recommend the right type of training for your goals and ensure you don’t overdo it with fat grips.

When you do use fat grips on your weight-lifting sets, it’s a good idea to stick with a moderately heavy weight and use higher reps than normal, as this will provide greater metabolic stress and a greater pump. This will ultimately result in better muscle growth and a stronger, bigger upper body.